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Gift & Loyalty Cards

giftcardMerchants who use paper Gift Certificates know firsthand what a powerful promotional tool they are but often experience problems with tracking, reporting, fraud and duplicate use.  Our Gift Card programs eliminate these problems and increase sales by keeping your customers coming back.

Effectively marketing a Gift Card program increases consumer spending and store traffic while promoting  customer loyalty and insuring that you never have to give cash back again.  When a product is returned, you can give back credit on a gift card ensuring that the money will be spent at your location on a future date.

Are you new to business or looking to increase business?  Sending a gift card for an undisclosed amount on it out to potential new customers will bring them in to see what you have to offer and how much their card is worth. 9 out of 10 times they will spend over twice what you put on the card and will become repeat customers

Branding your name and product is big.  The more people carrying your gift card in their wallet, the more often your logo and name are seen.  Name recognition gives the consumer a feeling of security when doing business with you.

Our Loyalty and rewards programs offer many types of solutions to meet the merchants needs. Choose from standard loyalty cards, dollar based reward cards, frequency based reward cards, club discount cards, rebate cards, community based reward cards, franchise loyalty card programs and more.

For more information about gift cards and loyalty programs, click here to contact us today.